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The Mangrove 


The Beginning: 

The Mangrove was originally founded in 2017 selling clothing accessories. During the summer months of 2018 we transitioned to selling some clothing items to test the waters, we achieved a lot of success in first few weeks of running our new store selling primarily hats and other accessories, hundreds of hats were shipped around the world as far as (New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, China etc). 

The Shake-Up

During September 2019 we decided that if we were to remain relevant we would need to diversify and offer more unique branded products. This marks the point where our team went through a gruelling 3 month long process of trying to find the best quality materials to produce our latest line of clothing. 

We began changing our store getting it ready to facilitate the new clothing. However there was a lack of passion due to external pressures on our team that were not related to the business in any way. 

The First Hurdle

On the launch week of our new clothing line we received very positive feedback from new customers. However, around the third-fourth week of operation our sales began to drop as there was a clear lack of passion in the marketing department inhibiting our ability to grow our social media presence. 

Tough Decisions

Our team decided that if we were to promote positive change to our business we'd have to make some radical changes quickly. We ultimately made the decision to suspend sales to focus on our brand and service.

We worked tirelessly on our new products, website and marketing tools commissioning videos & photographs from photographers around the world. We commissioned our first ever product promotional video along with an entire media campaign. 

We've developed a new Social Responsibility program ensuring that we give capital back to worthwhile non-profit organisations that work tirelessly to make our world a better place.

While writing this we are counting down to the launch of our new website. We've changed many aspects of our business in order to future proof it while at the same time encouraging positive change to all our stakeholders. 


- Michael Cunningham