Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Is there free shipping? 

Yep! Don't worry about it! We're offering you free shipping on every product regardless of the size or cost. 

2 - Can I track my order? 

Yes you can track your order. One - Two days after your order has been confirmed you will receive an order tracking number automatically. You can enter your order tracking number into the "ORDER TRACKING" page. That will give you all of your information on where your package is in the world. 

3 - How long will shipping take? 

We have no real control over the speed of the postal services in your nation, shipment times can be anywhere from 3 days - 3 weeks. 

4 - How many discounts can I use at once? 

We allow one discount code to be used at the one time. So if we have a fixed sale such as Black Friday On you cannot use any discount codes until the Black Friday sale has ended. 

5 - Can I cancel an order? 

Once you order your product, we hold it for 24 hours. If you decide you no longer want it you can cancel it and receive a full refund on your product.

6 - Can I cancel an order mid-shipment? 

Sadly once it has left our holding facility we can no longer cancel your order as it is already out for delivery. Please contact support if you are having this problem. We'll be happy to try find something that works for you ;) 

7 - Can you ship to my country? 

We ship to nearly every country, if you have a question about shipping please contact support! We'll be happy to talk to you :) 

8 - How can I get discounts? 

You can obtain discounts through multiple ways. If you purchase a product on our site you are automatically entitled to a discount on your next purchase.

9 - I didn't get my discount code? 

If you didn't get your discount code after purchasing an item please contact a member of support and we'll fix your issue for you ;)

10 - Is my payment secure? 

Yes your payment is secure, we use third party providers like Apple Pay and Stripe to process your payments which make your payments SUPER secure. If you have questions about security/payments please contact a member of support.

11 - Expired Discount Codes

If you have an expired discount code please contact a member of staff immediately and we'll issue a new one, + an extra surprise to say sorry! 

12 - Payment Declined

If your payment process has been declined please check your Online Banking immediately to check if you have the required funds. If you have the required funds please contact your bank immediately. 

13 - I've accidentally bought two products: 

No need to fear, we're here! Just simply contact a member of support and we'll refund one of the products for you :) 

14 - Can I exchange my product product for another product? Yes technically you can, as long as the package has not been dispatched. Just let a member of staff know and we'll change your product for you!