About Us

The Dog Pillows Store was launched in late 2019. It is our aim to offer you with some of the comfiest beds and the top trending dog toys for your proud pooch. We've got an extensive range of dog products to drive you absolutely barking mad! 

A Message From The Founder - 

I've always struggled buying pet beds/toys, this is because the ones you don't like are often dirt cheap and the ones you do like are so bloody expensive. That's why I took initiative and founded The Dog Pillows. I hope for this store to fix the problems I had faced and grow into a major pet supply provider. It is my goal to make sure people do not face the same problems I did before I founded this company. I hope you join us on our incredible journey and I hope I can talk to you soon :) 

Managing Director

-Michael Cunningham


- A Message From Our Sales Rep - 

I can simply only reenforce what Michael has said above. The whole idea of this site was to fix the problems he was facing when he founded the site. He is offering you a solution. We're driven to try give you the best experience possible, you are the greatest customers we could have ever asked for. We wan't to continue to expand and grow, and it wouldn't even be possible to get this far without everyone who has supported us, including you. :) So we'll keep on doing what we're doing trying to change the pet market, while we're at that make sure to browse some of our incredible products. Have a question? Message support! Have a suggestion? Message Support! Please do not hesitate to contact support. They are here to help you on your journey!  

Head Of Sales

-Chris Lawlor 


So that's our story ladies and gentlemen. Will you join us on our adventure and allow our business to continue to grow? Well we hope you do. Thanks for reading this!