Top 5 tips for beginner surfers

Hurry! Outer Banks is coming out in just a few more days, and you're here reading this because you want to pass the vibe check this summer by learning to surf? Well welcome to the club, there are hundreds of thousands of people all over the world doing the same thing at this very moment! Don't be intimidated, as long as you follow some simple rules outline below you'll be fine! :) 

Don’t abandon the leash- The leash is there for your safety and no matter how cool it may look to go leash free, when you’re a beginner it is vital! You are better safe than sorry.


Timing is everything- Perfect timing comes with practise and a lot of trials and error, however just keep it in mind…. Monitor the waves and begin to paddle just when the wave is about to break.



Balancing the board- Paddling power is an essential element as a beginner surfer. The best way to gain this is through using a big board and keeping it level and balanced.


Positioning - As you can guess this is a key element for all standards of surfing, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Position yourself where if you lean forward and paddle, the nose dips under the water slightly and visa versa, when you arch your back to the paddle, the bottom of the nose just touches the surface of the water. This action for positioning can be applied no matter the size of the surfboard.



Monitor the surfing conditions- When surfing, it is vital to know when and where it is safe to surf. Below are some key areas to check when assessing if it safe to surf 

  • -The size, power and height of the waves


  • -Monitor the tides behaviour


  • -Wind strength


  • -Beware of rip currents


Thanks for reading!

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