5 best things to do in Key West Florida

Key West often goes unheard of by most tourists from around the world, when you think of tropical paradise you tend to think more towards Bali, Maldives Barbados etc. However there is a quaint little Island just south of Florida that is a must see.

Nestled in between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean Key West is a small Island town that resembles that of Amity from the box office hit 'Jaws'. The water is a clear turquoise colour, the sun is splitting the stones and the buildings are fabulous. Key West is a must see destination, what I particularly loved about Key West on my trip there was the fact you could drive to the Island. Just fly into Miami, rent a car and drive on down. You'll drive over some of the most impressive bridges in the world that seem to just jut out into the abyss as you travel down passing Islands like Key Largo and Islamorada on the way.

In this blog today I'm going to primarily focus on my five favourite activities I took part in during my legendary trip to Key West Florida, some of these are quite basic yes I know... but some are unique and individual. 

1. Snorkelling along the reef 

This was possibly one of the best days of my life. It all started in this picturesque harbour in Key West where about fifty people boarded a large catamaran and headed out towards the ocean. The boat provided plenty of room to walk around and there was no sea sickness because of how large the boat was which is an added bonus. Upon reaching our destination far out from land in a large reef we were all given snorkels and got to jump off the side of the boat, not one for jumping? a foldout stairs was also set up so people could walk down into the ocean. It was surprising how shallow the water was considering land was nowhere in sight. You'll get a chance to see some incredible fish, coral and much more. The best part about it is the water is the perfect temperature so you are never cold. 

On the way back the crew started blasting some original songs that got everyone going like 'Hotel California' as they dished our tequila to the adults on board. The boat ripped through the waves at lightning speed as they began to party on board. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life, I just never wanted it to end. 

2. Kayaking/Paddle Boarding through the Mangroves

You won't often hear about this, I'm sure many of you don't even know what Mangroves are, but essentially its like kayaking through a forest in the middle of the sea. The shallow waters make the Mangroves the perfect nursery areas for fish so you'll get a chance to see some incredible wildlife in the process. The only problem I had with this trip was the intense sun. Considering its a protected region you can't actually get into the water which makes your trip very hot. If your up for the exercise it's an incredible day trip. We chose Geiger Creek beside a United States Airforce base, the area was so tranquil and peaceful. I highly recommend you visit. There is a great restaurant and bar on site afterwards so you can get some grub. 


3. Exploring with friends

Key West is expensive, I won't lie but not everything has to cost money. For example you can go exploring the amazing coastline around Key West. I'd highly recommend you go walking along the abandoned beach in Geiger Creek at sunset. It's a very tranquil area and not many people know about it. But it is picturesque, It's somewhere you'd have to experience first hand as words can't describe how magical it is. 

There are numerous spots all over town where you can go visit to get some incredible views of the sea.


4. Fishing

You cannot go down the Florida Keys without going fishing, it's almost frowned upon. It's a must do. The Florida Keys are famous for their international competitive fishing competitions that take place every year. There are countless boats along the entire stretch of the Keys offering fishing trips. If you team up with a group of friends it will drastically push down the cost of chartering a boat, if you get the chance to go fishing I highly recommend it. Of course you will have to do it on a boat for the real experience. 


 4. Jet Ski!

I don't know about you but I love the power of a Jet Ski under me as I tear through the waves at break neck speeds. Renting Jet Ski's have to be on your itinerary. You can Jet Ski around the Island and decide which Ocean you want to swim in, maybe the Atlantic? Or the Gulf of Mexico, the choice is up to you. The views are stunning and the whole coastline is theming with life from people swimming, fishing and fellow Jet Skiers and Boaters. You'll have a great time and you won't soon forget it.


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