5 best theme parks in Orlando Florida

Summer is quickly creeping up on us. It's my absolute favourite time of year, the days are longer, the weather is hotter and everyone is just laid back. If you want to be entertained this summer I suggest you take a trip on down to Orlando Florida to what I like to call the theme park capital of the world. Orlando is a city located north of Miami Florida. You can easily fly there through Orlando Airport. 

Today we are going to have a chat about the 5 best theme parks in Orlando Florida. (please see both national/local public health advice before planning a trip


1. DisneyWorld

DisneyWorld has far too many parks for us to be able to rank them accordingly so we're going to include the whole park as one entity. DisneyWorld is the largest theme park on planet earth and is home to over 40 attractions. Trust me, 40 attractions may not seem like a lot, but it'll take you around 1 day to complete a park, and there are four parks. Whether you have kids or are looking to walk down memory lane and relive your childhood DisneyWorld is a must see. However, if you are a thrill seeker DisneyWorld may not tick all your boxes, sure it has some faster rides like Space Mountain and Splash Mountain, but most of the rides are much tamer where you take in the incredible immersive experience rather than being tossed around in a rollercoaster. However, Disney World should still be on your bucket list for an experienced traveller. 


2. Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios was my personal favourite theme park when I visited two years ago. There are over 23 attractions within this park alone. When walking around you feel as if you are walking through a movie set, as a matter of fact you are! If you are lucky you may see companies out and about filming commercials or movies on site using the many set pieces dotted around the park. For instance when I was there they were recording America's Got Talent! 

There are some great rides in Universal Studios Orlando, my personal favourites include the new 'Jimmy Fallons race through New York' and the classic 'Simpsons Ride', there are attractions for everyone at the park ranging from all ages, however the main age range for the park seems to be teenager to adults judging by the attractions. One ride I didn't get to go on was the 'Hollywood Rip Rocket Ride' which was closed that day for maintenance, but I'd highly recommend it. 

If you need a bite to eat you can stop in many of the restaurants around the park, or take a walk outside of the park gates into the entrance to Universal where you'll find dozens of incredible impressive restaurants.  


3. Islands of Adventure

Islands of Adventure is a Universal Park, it is actually located directly across from the Universal Studios Park. The park was build to increase its attraction with thrill seekers. The park is home to some incredible rides such as Jurassic Park, Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls, and Popeyes River Rapids to name a few out of this incredible selection of rides. The park recently opened its 'Wizarding World of Harry Potter' section, and it is incredible, the attention to detail is out of this world. The whole park is incredible, I'd highly recommend a visit. If its roller coasters you are into, check out the 'Incredible Hulk' and the 'Duelling Dragons' Rollercoasters. The park is jam-packed with incredible rides and it'll take you the best part of a day just to cover Islands of Adventure. This was my favourite park in Orlando and I've visited it countless times.


4. Discovery Cove

This isn't much of a theme park, It doesn't even have rides. Discovery Cove is a nature park! The park has large man made reefs and thousands of different fish. Discovery Cove gives you the ability to experience incredible wild life in a safe controlled environment! and a big plus is that you get to swim with dolphins! There is a great lazy river that sweeps around the park and allows you to get on and off at each stop. You pay for the park before you enter and everything else is all inclusive, your food is all covered! The park has a limited capacity so you will need to book well in advance because it is such a popular tourist destination. I hope you are able for the early mornings because you'll likely have to be up at 7am to get there on time!


5. Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay is Universal Studios latest park, it is a modern innovative waterpark. Upon arrival you'll be given a wrist band so you don't have to wait in line. This wrist band (Tapu Tapu) controls your whole park experience from your lockers to your food and queuing for rides! No more carrying around wallets or fast passes. Tap your tapu tapu on the designated poles and you'll automatically queue for a ride, then just go off and get food, experience other attractions and so much more. The park is very impressive with a large volcano being the centre piece of the park which erupts lava throughout the day. Inside the massive volcano there is a waterslide that is America's largest drop slide, 175 feet in several seconds. It is something you have to experience! 


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