5 best activities to do with friends during Covid-19 this summer

It's hard to believe that we've only been in this lockdown for only a year, it feels like its been never-ending. Schools around the world were only starting to close about this time last year which is shocking. So much has changed this year. Personally one good thing I took out of the whole global tragedy was a common sense shared across most of the young people around the planet and the sacrifices they were willing to make to protect the lives of the vulnerable. I think everyone who has followed guidelines deserves an incredible reward for the work they've done to save hundreds of thousands of lives all around the world.

I think that you deserve to be rewarded for your hard work so why not have a bit of fun this summer while following government guidelines at the same time? 

(please note that we are factoring in events where you'd potentially be in contact with less than 10 friends. Please see your government guidelines about what is acceptable in your nation) 

1. Movie Night!

Now this one will be pretty easy to arrange, gather a few friends up and arrange someones house to visit. Bring a great movie that you'll all like whether its a comedy, rom-com or even a scary movie. Once you get there maybe order a pizza grab a few drinks and bam! you've got a great night in with your friends at a very affordable price. Having fun doesn't have to cost you money. 


2. Golfing 

Personally this was one of my favourite things to do last summer. Gather a few friends preferably three friends and head out to the golf course. Once again this is relatively cheap and the likelihood of you interacting with outsiders will be limited as you are out in the open away from everyone. The joy about Golfing is that almost every city/town has some sort of golfing area whether it be a golf course, pitch and put or even a driving range. Maybe after golf has finished you could head in to town and have dinner with your friends, or maybe go back to each others houses.


  1. Keep numbers low. Don't invite too many people to play golf because obvious reasons to do with Covid-19, however it makes the game much slower having to wait for each player to take his/her turn. 
  2. Book a table in a restaurant, due to Covid-19 many restaurants that are open are operating at a reduced capacity so we highly recommend you plan this trip out so that you'll get to get into every facility.
  3. Book golf: don't risk it, you might not get a chance to play if it's sunny and there is a crowd there. So it's better to be safe than sorry.

3. Late night drives

This one is basically free apart from the fuel. Gather a few friends up and go drive in the dark listening to some great songs, while reminiscing with friends about the great memories you've had with them. It's really not that hard, just start talking and see where it takes you.


  1. Have a great playlist ready to listen to in the car! 
  2. Make sure you stop along the way to take in how incredible everything looks at night!

4. Dinner

Now this all depends on you, you might want to go to a restaraunt/bar with your friends or you may be the creative type and want to cook for your friends. Well whatever you do I'm sure it'll be great, but for this post specifically we're going to talk about going out for dinner. Having dinner with friends is great fun, you get a chance to catch up and talk with them over a delicious meal! It's a pretty self explanatory activity but it'll almost guarantee a great time!


  1.  Book the restaurant: make sure you make a reservation because due to Covid-19 many restaurants are operating at a reduced capacity so they may not be able to facilitate you due to this, so ring before hand to check to make sure you can be guaranteed a table. 
  2. Make sure the establishment you visit is adhering to Covid-19 guidelines, staff should be wearing masks/visors and tables should be spaced out for safety. 

4. Beach Day

You may have to travel for this one, but everyone should do it at least once over the summer. Go visit a beach with friends, get some sunbathing done, mess around in the water enjoy the sunset and get some dinner outside as the sun sets over the crystal clear water. 


You may be thinking to yourself these descriptions were very brief, but in order to have the best trip possible you have to decide on the fine details by yourself. Don't rely on the internet to tell you how to have fun. Just go with the flow and enjoy the moments with those that matter In your life.


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