10 tips to improve your happiness in daily life

Happiness is something everybody strives for in life, along with health I think it is the most important aspect of life. It may come easier to some people than others, however the following tips will instantly create happiness in your day to day life!


Create or maintain a positive mindset

This mindset makes tasks and problems seem more approachable and easier to manage, with this mindset you become more of a productive and positive person. This can be achieved by being grateful and focusing on the good in life, you will then get the best out of any situation in life.


Surround yourself with positive people

The people you surround yourself with has a huge impact on your happiness. Focus on finding friends who are happy when you succeed, create positive energy and bring out the best version of yourself.


Do something you love each day

This can release the happiness chemical Endorphin, this is released by actions such as watching your favourite movie or laughing out loud, by doing something that you love no matter how big or small….it can make large positive impact to your day. Maybe try taking up something new, that will lead to increased enjoyment, like surfing?!?! :D



Fuel your body with nourishing food

This not only improves your health, it also subconsciously improves your mood by releasing the happiness chemical Dopamine which is often known as the reward chemical. Food keeps the body and mind happy, its fair to say almost everyone has experienced the awful emotion of being “Hangry” I know I sure have !



Maintain a healthy sleep pattern

Sleep helps us to function properly. A healthy sleep pattern improves our memory, concentration and immune systems! Lack of sleep can cause anxiety and stress and overall makes life a lot more difficult and we all know life throws enough challenges at us so go get some sleep!!!


Exercise regularly to release happy hormones

Exercising improves your fitness, wellbeing and of course overall health, however it is essential four your mental health too! It activates the happiness chemical endorphin!


Remove yourself from toxic situations

Toxic relationships and environments have an immediate dampening effect on your mood and it only gets worse over time! Try point out these toxic situations and remove yourself for your own mental health. It may be difficult at first but you will thank yourself in the long run!


Set achievable goals

This creates satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Those who are productive feel more accomplished and happy within themselves.  Whether this is meeting up with an old friend or tidying my room, I am much happier after completing my simple goals for the day rather than laying on the couch endlessly.


Take down time

Down time is essential to relax our mind and body. Meditation and spending time in nature are two sources of down time that release the mood stabilizer hormone Serotin!


In todays society we are surrounded by false expectations on the internet, we are almost pressured into looking and acting a certain way. A key element to happiness is loving yourself for who you are and minding yourself, treat yourself as you would treat someone you love as loving yourself is more important than loving anyone else! The longest relationship you will ever be in is with yourself…..prioritise it!


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