5 best summer adventure ideas

It's almost time

It's getting closer to that time of year again, the days get longer and the weather starts to change for the better. So you may be asking yourself, 'what am I going to do this summer?' Well we're going to try help you out a bit, we've made a list of the best suggestions we've discovered on our journey.

1. Climb a mountain with friends. 

There is nothing better than spending time with friends. Mountain climbing gives you the chance to spend time with friends and take in some spectacular views. I highly recommend you do this early in the morning so you can take in the spectacular sunrise. Sitting on top of the mountain drinking some hot drinks with friends and a speaker listening to some great music. This trip is cheap and easy to organise. However, we highly recommend you bring a backpack with you containing some warm clothes and a sleeping bag and some food for safety reasons.

2. Travel to the beach and chill on the rocks watching the sunset

One of the most beautiful things to do in life is watch the sunset, it is so frequent we hardly ever take notice of it, but in the right setting when you really focus, a sunset illuminates the sky with vibrant colours that create a picturesque view. Now mix this with a beautiful beach and friends and you've got something really special. Chill out on the rocks as you share your memories with your closest friends, laughing and joking away as the sun sets in front of you across the ocean. Then after the sun goes down go for a midnight walk along the beach. Something so simple will create long lasting memories. 


3. Go Wakeboarding 

Now this may be a harder one to achieve as it may cost a bit more money. You'll need a friend with a boat or have enough dosh to rent one for the day. It may be a more expensive trip but could you imagine being on the lake with friends taking turns on the wakeboard, listening to some great music as you make waves on the lake. After all that's done go back into dock have a few drinks with your friend and watch the sun go down over the lake (please drink responsibly) 

4. Camping by the beach

Okay, this is a slightly cheaper one. You'll need a tent, a mini-bbq, some food, marshmallows for s'mores ;) and some camping equipment. Essentially this is your stereotypical camping trip. However, from what I've noticed throughout my life is that not many people have experienced this fundamental part of life. Get a tent some camping essentials and get on the road to a beach (if allowed, check covid-19 restrictions). Round up some friends, go to the beach and chill out, get a glimpse of the sunset as you relax on the sand watching the sun go down all while  creating life long memories with your best friends, it will be a night to remember for years to come.


5. Cliff Jumping

Now this isn't for everybody, as it really tests your mental state. However, it provides you with a great day out. Get a car full of friends and make your way to a 'known diving spot' (a place where locals deem safe to dive fromfor safety reasons). I highly suggest before you take that first jump off that cliff you get into the water and test the depth. Now this is where the exhilarating fun starts, get JUMPING! 

One thing I learned when cliff jumping is to always look straight ahead, when you are diving into the water. If you look down towards the water when you're in the air you will really hurt your head upon impact with the water. That's just a little something I've discovered and hopefully you won't have the same problem I did ;)

To finish out the day I suggest you go to a local restaurant and talk over some food, then go out to the beach for a nice long walk and maybe even an after dark swim? ;) or just lie on the sand, whatever you like best. 


That concludes the first part of our new blog series '5 best summer adventure ideas' make sure to check in later for Part II ;). Now what are you waiting for? get in the car and off you go, make memories that'll last forever! 

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