Having A Great Summer... [Ch 1]

Most people will cherish their childhood summers for the rest of their lives. It's truly a wonderful time. Whether you're sitting by the pool drinking a Pina Colada or out on the lake wakeboarding with your best friends, memories from great summers last a lifetime. 

What exactly does having a good summer mean though? Well to answer that question honestly I'd have to tell you that everybody's idea of a perfect summer is different. Too many people the idea behind a perfect summer is one spent with family, catching sum rays while enjoying the pool. Whereas some people might prefer time with their friends. So to answer that question it really depends on the type of person you are. You can't look at social-media and let that influence you, because somebody else's idea of a perfect summer is not going to be yours. 

1. Having Someone to experience it with: 

When it comes to summer, the best way to get the full experience is to have someone by your side, whether that's your best friend, girlfriend, spouse or family having someone to spend time with makes the whole experience much better. Everything summer related feels better when you have someone to do it with. Picture yourself out kayaking down through the Mangroves in Key West at sunset alone, gently gliding through the calm sea. Something just doesn't feel right. It feels so much better to think about this experience when it's with someone who's special to you. 

Don't let anyone stop you from being who you wan't to be. One thing I learned is you meet some incredible fascinating people by saying something short like "Fantastic weather isn't it?" Small lines of conversation can open the door to an amazing conversation. 

I myself would be an introvert, but when I travel to abroad to far off places I feel more open to talking to strangers because I'll probably never see them again. Everyone around you is living a life as complex as you. So why not enjoy it? Speak up and enjoy your time. Maybe these people you meet abroad might stay in contact with you? 

Thanks for reading our first blog, be sure to check back in for Chapter 2 :)